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2018 Fall Recreational Program

Fall Soccer Registration in now CLOSED. See you out on the fields!  

Games will begin 9/8 and go through 10/27

Game times-With the exception of one odd weekend, our game times are at 9 am, 10:15am, 11:30am, and 12:45pm. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, earlier if your coach has asked you to. Our games run on time so we rely on parents to have players ready to go and give them enough time to warm up with the team prior to the game.

Game cancellations-With soccer comes bad weather...we try very hard NOT to cancel games. Our season runs into cold weather fast and postponing a week can mean snow or really cold weather at the end. If there has been long term heavy rain or heavy rain in the forecast, we will cancel games by 7:30am. Mike or I will make a decision and email and text all people involved. Please note, coaches cannot cancel games, only practices. If we do cancel, we will play the following weekend as a makeup and continue on with the schedule running a week behind.

Game ready-All players must have shin guards and cleats and game jersey worn on the outside of all layers to play. Coaches and Referees will ask you player to sit out if they are not wearing the correct items for safety reasons. Also, please be sure your player has water for all that running!

First aid-In the event your player needs first aid supplies, please have your coach get what is needed in the soccer shed.

Soccer apparel-We will have a limited amount of apparel sold at the fields on 2 designated weekends. In addition, we have a soccer store set up with new items for purchase. Below is the link to check it out:


Referees-Games can get intense and we all want our son or daughter to be safe and have fair play. It is important to remember that our youth referees are also somebody's son or daughter. Many of them are first time referees and new to this position. It is never ok for any parent or spectator to have any conversation with a referee. If your coach has a concern with a call, they are aware of the way in which to handle this. I just want to remind you all that yelling at or about a referee from the sidelines is not tolerate and you may be asked to leave the fields. If what you want to say is not something that you would want another to say to your child, please don't.

Sidelines-For the safety of all the park, we have strict rules regarding spectators. Only coaches, referees, and players are permitted on the team side of the field. All spectators should be seated opposite the player side. In addition, please do not spectate at the goal ends, it is unsafe and not permitted.

Parking-This season we are split in the middle for the divisions with modified fields. U6 and U10 should be parking at the far end of the park near the baseball softball fields. U12 and U8 should be parking at the entrance end of the fields. Hopefully this will keep any overflow issues to a minimum.

Garbage-The park has asked me to remind everyone to pick up after themselves. There are numerous garbage and recyclable cans all over the park. Feel free to use them as needed.

Port a potty-There are 2 at each end of the park should you need them.

Lost and Found-Soccer does NOT have a lost and found. Many times people will place items on the fencing near parking spots or in the pavilion. There is just too much stuff left on a weekly basis to maintain and we lock our shed when not in use.

Soccer donations-While I appreciate when people offer to donate old soccer items, we no longer have space to store them. For many years we have tried to offer cleat swaps and giveaways but we end up taking more than we ever give out. I was able to give the last of our items to soccer without borders a year ago and I suggest you look into it or donate locally instead.

REVOLUTION CAFE-I am pleased to announce that Revolution food truck is joining us again for a 3rd season. Cassie and crew do an amazing job of keeping our bellies full and warm with delicious food. This is always a great fundraiser for us so please help support our soccer program AND Revolution cafe as Cassie moves her restaurant to a new location. There is always hot coffee and yummy breakfast sandwiches waiting.





The next meeting of the OSAA will be at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, October 17th at SCS Elementary Cafeteria. ALL WELCOME

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